Saturday, September 23, 2017
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Grand Olympiad

A tournament for Noblesse characters for the title of Hero.
One Olympiad cycle lasts for one calendar month and continues from 00.00 a.m. of the first day of the month till 12.00 p.m. of the last day of the month.

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After a rather boring month of olympiad, I decided to put out some of the more interesting fights. Song Name : The Great Escape - I Can't Resist (Nebbra Remix)
Fights: ► Exsistentia(Othell Ghost Hunter) - DOMENIK(Othell Wind Rider) ► хЕешиКх(Iss Doomcryer) - Nadina10(Eviscerator) ► AnoobES(Sayha's Seer) - Г0СП0ДЬ(Sayha's Seer) ► CoolD(Wynn Elemental Master) - УЖАСТНЫЙ(Iss Dominator) ► Хохлище(Yul Sagittarius) - ДокторМанхэтон(Aeore Shillien Saint) ► Nanna(Iss Sword Muse) - Nomar24(Othell Adventurer) ► ПапкО(Feoh Storm Screamer) -...
Motherland x3
Lineage 2, Server Naia, Olympiad 2016/03/19 PoV Alizko (Iss SpectralDancer)
хз первый оли мувик)00 ну я не точен проста000) Качество херня, знаю, вегас немного сожрал, ютуб сожрал, вам остатки принес покушать0)0 Сервер x70